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HRRS Network

A marketplace for Recruiters
Your independent recruiting experience starts here. Be local work global!

At HRRS you have access to hundreds of open positions that would have been difficult for you to get access to. You can start referring qualified candidates immediately. No need to wait for companies to approve you as a vendor.  We connect you with openings at premier employers, so you can fill jobs fast, make more money and focus on what you do best: finding talent.

Once you join, you will be welcomed to our Search Consultants web portal, a place where you can access our Open Jobs List for jobs at our clients that are currently seeking candidates. Our goal is to provide you with information and tools that will allow you to be successful in recruiting candidates and/or managing accounts on our behalf.

We will update the list of Open Jobs that you can access to find out which jobs are still open and seeking candidates. 

We share information with you from our Client Profiles section to give information on the client for the jobs you are working. It includes our insights into their culture, relevant news articles, and points to help find that perfect candidate. 

If interested in selling our services. The Sales Materials section has information that can help you to sell our services to clients where you would like to become the Account Manager and earn additional commissions. 


We value your input! Once you are apart of the team, feel free to share any ideals on additional content, that you would like to see us provide on the portal.


Warm regards,

HR Recruiting Services

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